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The Institute of Engineers Australia
The Institution of Engineers Australia was first established in 1919 and was granted a Royal Charter in 1938. It now operates within the terms of the Supplemental Royal Charter granted in 1993. In March 2003 it adopted a new common name, ENGINEERS AUSTRALIA.

The Association of Consulting Structural Engineers
Formed by the leading Consulting Engineers in the field of Structural Engineering to:


Improve the standard of service.


Maintain the code of behaviour of the profession.


Assist members to maintain their skills and keep up with the latest trends, enabling members to produce quality work.

The Board of Professional Engineers Queensland - www.bpeq.qld.gov.au
It is a legal requirement for professional engineers to register with the Board before they can practise as a professional engineer in Queensland. That is, you must be a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland ie RPEQ. The rule applies to all persons who in their employment provide an engineering service to their employer. The Board is empowered to:


maintain public confidence in the standard of services provided by registered professional engineers


uphold the standards of practice of registered professional engineers


protect the public by ensuring professional engineering services are provided by a registered professional engineer in a professional and competent way

Australian Steel InstituteThe Australian Steel Institute - www.steel.org.au
The Australian Steel Institute (ASI) acts for a safer, more productive and sustainable Australian steel manufacturing and design industry.

With member groups across the full chain from steel manufacturing, distribution and downstream processing to design, drafting and detailing, the ASI’s activity covers the full range from promoting excellence to providing training and support.



Structural Engineering is concerned with the research, planning, design, construction, inspection, monitoring, maintenance, rehabilitation and demolition of permanent and temporary structures and structural systems and their components and with associated technical, economic, environmental, aesthetic and social aspects.

Civil engineers are responsible for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of water supply systems.

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